Robert Gerberg: writing the job seeker’s guide

He is a bestselling author of numerous books that has sold over seven million copies and actually changed the lives of millions of job hunters the world over. Robert Gerbergis among the respected experts when it comes to giving advice to professionals looking for employment. Aside from his contribution to the improvement of job searching with the use of information technology, his writings have also guided and assisted a lot of professionals and executives worldwide.
Over seven million copies of his books are circulated across the globe. Among Robert Gerberg or Robert J. Gerberg Jr.’s successful books are: The Professional Job Hunter’s Guide, 15 New Rules for Job Hunting Success, The Professional Job Changing System, Sixty Great Letters Which Won New Jobs and An Easier Way to Change Jobs. The latter already sold over five hundred thousand copies internationally. Aside from his writings, he also produced audio and video instructional guides for job seekers. He has also been conducting seminars to help professionals and executives in the employment arena.
This prolific author is also a successful executive in technology-based service industry. Robert J. Gerberg Jr. is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Career Technologies, Inc. (ACT), a company catering to technology-based business services across the globe. This company, which Gerberg founded with a group of senior executives and human resources professionals, is already 18 years in the business and has risen to be among the best performing companies in this field. ACT’s corporate division over the past decade has handled outplacement contracts from leading companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Phillips, Coca Cola and many more.
Before establishing his own company, he worked as an Account Executive of Bausch & Lomb right after college and then as President of Princeton/Masters Press, Inc. after finishing his Master’s degree. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Colgate University and finished a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder-Leeds School of Business. Apart from making a name in the service industry and as an author, he also excelled in sports. He has ventured into triathlon, marathon and adventure racing competitions. He is also now holding the rank of Shodan or 1st degree black belt in Aikido. From all of these outstanding performances, he has shown that success comes to those who work hard and have a passion for learning.

7 Bounce House Safety Tips For Inflatable Rentals

Bounce dwellings are a large-scale strike at any happening involving young kids, such as house for rent in jacksonville fl  a anniversary party. They instantly catch their attention and get them all under one top covering. This is a characteristic a allotment of parents substantially realise. As fun and stimulating they are to have round, parents should always workout security first. A careless error can end up causing a grave wound or perhaps even worse.


Given underneath are seven significant security tips considering them. correctly taking these security precautions will double-check a protected and joy topped up event.


1. Supervising the Inflatable is a Must


This is the number one error made by most persons. They suppose that since their progeny is with his associates, they will gaze out for each other. habitually have an attendant stand guard at all times throughout the happening. For those who lease their bounce houses, the renting business will arrange for an assistant to be present at the happening for a meager additional fee. It’s best to avail this characteristic and double-check the security of all children.


2. hold the identical Age Group inside the Inflatable


This is furthermore a widespread error. Do not two up kids of varying ages interior the rebound dwelling. This leaves the little ones at great risk of getting hurt. Always make sure that the inflatable is occupied by children of the same dimensions and age. If there are both large-scale and small young kids at the happening, then split up them into groups.


3. Do Not gathering the Inflatable


A bounce dwelling has its bounds just like any other delight ride. Do not let it get over crowded with too numerous young kids. This can origin serious impairment to the inflatable and could in turn lead to wounds. habitually hold the Inflatable attendance inside the agreeable limit. If there are too numerous young kids, then split up them into assemblies.